The situation and possibilities of Roma women in maternity care

11188393_819061978148641_8177931294909741815_nThe present publication summarizes the experience of the in-depth interviews conducted by BirthHouse Association among Roma women under the projects entitled „TAKE THE FIRST STEP! – Along with the women for equal access to respectful maternity care” (Norway Grants) and “Birthing Justice – Equal access to culturally appropriate, women-centered maternity care” (Open Society Foundation Budapest).

The aim of the interviews was to recognize and understand the experience and needs of the interviewed women from Roma communities regarding maternity care. In the present study we primarily investigate the interviews along the following topics: family planning, prenatal care, access to care and information, personalized care model, obstetric interventions, communication with and treatment of women, discrimination, and community-building.

Download: Roma women in maternity care