’Take the First Step!’ – EMMA

The aim of our project (from 1/March/ 2015 to 30/April/2016 ) was to facilitate the Hungarian maternity care to become transparent, equally accessible, providing professional care which is based on fair treatment. Furthermore, we supported women to get involved actively in their pregnancy and childbirth and to find the most appropriate type of support for themselves, taking the first step towards their own and their child’s well-being.

Video by Dávid Gutema.

Learn more about the project at http://www.szuleteshaz.hu/en/take-the-first-step-together-with-women-for-respectful-maternity-care/

The study is available at  http://www.szuleteshaz.hu/en/the-situation-and-possibilities-of-roma-women-in-maternity-care/

Our project was supported by the Hungarian NGO Fund (EEA/ Norway Grants): http://norvegcivilalap.hu/.