Press releases of the clemency


October 8, 2012.

Communication of the President of the Republic regarding the clemency of Ágnes Geréb


Thanks to the development of democratic rights, today the legislation ofHungary– in accordance with the regulations of the European Union – not only acknowledges, but ensures the possibility of home birthing through an act created in 2011. The act recognizes and enhances the self-sovereignty of childbearing women, enabling them to have more freedom and more influence in choosing the circumstances of the birth of their baby.

Dr Ágnes Geréb has made a great contribution towards expanding the rights of birthing women, and as such she is renowned for integrating into hospital protocols the option for fathers to be present in the delivery ward, and also for the professional work she has done to increase the recognition of homebirth.

However in a constitutional state there is no social mission or reason however important, that could raise anyone beyond the laws in effect. The requirements of legal certainty and the constitutional state demand that all citizens respect the legal framework, and each citizen is bound to refrain from violating the norms stipulated in legislation.

Dr Ágnes Geréb can be no exception to this rule. As is already known, an earlier court procedure with a legally binding verdict found her in serious violations of the law in two of her birth cases , and another court case is still in progress investigating whether she is guilty of additional infringements.

Nothing can be more important than the enforcement of justice and lawfulness, which falls under the sole responsibility and jurisdiction of the independent courts. In order to thoroughly and precisely reveal the truth, I refuse to give clemency to Ágnes Geréb regarding the suspension of the ongoing Criminal Court procedure, and I shall consider the clemency request regarding the execution of the existing verdict, when the Court makes its decision about the case in progress.

Dr. János Áder

President of theRepublicofHungary

The Press Directorate of the Office of the President of the Republic kindly requests that the communication is published without editing.

Large photo: Kata Máthé

Joint press release of Justice for Ágnes Geréb Movement (IGAM)

The Justice for Agnes Gereb Movement (IGAM) welcomes the President of the Republic’s recognition of Dr Agnes Gereb’s valuable contribution to her profession, in his decision on her appeal for clemency. The President’s statement highlights how much she has done to advance the legal rights of women to give birth in an undisturbed way: in changing hospital practice to allow fathers to be present at the birth of their children, and through her professional work to gain recognition for homebirth.

Regarding the verdict of the court against Dr Agnes Gereb in February of this year, the President deferred a clemency decision until all current legal cases against her are concluded.

The Justice for Agnes Gereb Movement firmly believes that in the course of those proceedings, she will clear her name of the baseless accusations against her, and that  this lengthy legal battle will end with the President’s wise and fair decision in favour of full clemency.

Justice for Ágnes Geréb Movement (IGAM)

October 8, 2012