Participate in an international research

13062232_1000067043381466_5651597771174289040_nUCLan reserchers are working on a new international (worldwide) project funded through the British Academy/Leverhulme grant. This study concerns peer support provision in a neonatal unit/context.  The plan is to send an online survey to providers/peer supporters from different countries and will explore issues such as: how peers supporters are selected; what training is provided; what issues are covered in the training programme; what support is offered to the peer supporters as well as facilitators and barriers to effective peer support delivery.  


Peer support definition:

Please note that all of the criteria in point (A) AND any of the criteria in point (B) has to be met.

(A)         Peer supporters (parent supporters/parent mentors/parent veterans) are parents who

  • have had a baby that was cared for in a neonatal unit and he/she has been discharged
  • provide support to parents who are experiencing high risk pregnancies and/or whose infants are currently being cared for on the neonatal unit or have been discharge
  • provide support to parents (which could include giving information, practical, emotional and/or social types of support)
  • offer support via face to face, telephone/text or social media
  • offer one-to-one or group based support in hospital or community settings
  • have received ‘some’ training/guidance to provide support to other parents
  • may provide support on a voluntary or paid basis

(B)         The peer support service/provision is organised/coordinated/provided by any of the following

  • National/local services or organisations (such as parenting, breastfeeding or voluntary organisations)
  • Hospital staff
  • Other health and social-care professionals

If you’re interested in participating in the project please contact us at: