Who should we entrust birth to?

An event jointly organized by FES, the EMMA Association and the movement “Respectful maternity care!”

In many countries of the East-Central European region, independent birth movements have arisen in recent years aiming at improving the present maternity care systems. These grassroot movements, for instance in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, highlight the need for an evidence-based, woman-centered maternity care as well as try to influence public discourse on birth issues.

Is birth a political or a private issue? How does a woman-centered maternity care look like? How can we define the responsibility of political power, legislation, health institutions, health professionals and women? What are the human rights aspects of childbirth? How can informed decision-making processes, respect and dignity be ensured in childbirth settings? How do the competence of women and health professionals relate to each other? Is birth a feminist issue at all?

We kindly invite you to discuss these and other related questions together with experts and health professionals from Poland, Czecz Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Respectful Maternity Care! Movement

The Association  had been working on mobilizing women for the humanization of institutional birth in Hungary for years. Early 2016 was a breakthrough when, as an outcome of our EMMA Hub workshops, 800 women (and their families) gathered in 4 cities to protest for maternity care that respects women’s fundamental rights. More than 200 women shared their stories and messages publicly in our social-media campaign.

This event was the birth of the “Respectful maternity care!” Movement, which is the first Hungarian grassroot movement for women’s birth rights.

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All women deserve (M)Other Care!

Birth of EMMA

Hereby, we happily inform you that BirthHouse Association Hungary has reached a milestone in its history, which it also expresses by changing its name (and its brand as well soon).
From now on, we will work for our mission with the same enthusiasm as

EMMA Hub – Women’s Association for Birth Rights in Hungary


We also wish to thank you for all of your long-lasting, tireless and heartful support!


May all the Goddesses bless us!

“Stop bawling” – Obstetric violence in Hungary

22nd August 2016

Written by Judith Langowski

“The universal rights of women giving birth have deep roots in human rights and include the human rights to health, self-determination, and a private life. Every woman who is giving birth has the right to physical, emotional, and social health during the birthing process. She has the right to free choice around the conditions of the birth, and the interventions on her body (after getting satisfactory information on the process), to the protection of her personal data, and, finally, to always be treated with dignity and respect, without discrimination.”

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Human Rights fund of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Hereby we happily inform you that from 1st July 2016. to 31th December, the Human Rights fund of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands funds EMMA Helpline and the Movement for Respectful Maternity Care in Hungary.

During the funding period, new volunteers for EMMA Helpline will be trained, the openind hours of the Helpline will be extended. The main aim of the Movement will be to strengthen its structure and extend its professional relations in order to improve the Hungarian maternity care into a woman-centered model of care.

We greatly appreciate the support of the Embassy!



’Take the First Step!’ – EMMA

The aim of our project (from 1/March/ 2015 to 30/April/2016 ) was to facilitate the Hungarian maternity care to become transparent, equally accessible, providing professional care which is based on fair treatment. Furthermore, we supported women to get involved actively in their pregnancy and childbirth and to find the most appropriate type of support for themselves, taking the first step towards their own and their child’s well-being.

Video by Dávid Gutema.

Learn more about the project at http://www.szuleteshaz.hu/en/take-the-first-step-together-with-women-for-respectful-maternity-care/

The study is available at  http://www.szuleteshaz.hu/en/the-situation-and-possibilities-of-roma-women-in-maternity-care/

Our project was supported by the Hungarian NGO Fund (EEA/ Norway Grants): http://norvegcivilalap.hu/.



Participate in an international research

13062232_1000067043381466_5651597771174289040_nUCLan reserchers are working on a new international (worldwide) project funded through the British Academy/Leverhulme grant. This study concerns peer support provision in a neonatal unit/context.  The plan is to send an online survey to providers/peer supporters from different countries and will explore issues such as: how peers supporters are selected; what training is provided; what issues are covered in the training programme; what support is offered to the peer supporters as well as facilitators and barriers to effective peer support delivery.   Continue reading Participate in an international research

The situation and possibilities of Roma women in maternity care

11188393_819061978148641_8177931294909741815_nThe present publication summarizes the experience of the in-depth interviews conducted by BirthHouse Association among Roma women under the projects entitled „TAKE THE FIRST STEP! – Along with the women for equal access to respectful maternity care” (Norway Grants) and “Birthing Justice – Equal access to culturally appropriate, women-centered maternity care” (Open Society Foundation Budapest). Continue reading The situation and possibilities of Roma women in maternity care